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Detroit St Filling Station Embraces Mutual Aid Crowd Financing

Ann Arbor local business ‘Detroit Street Filling Station’ has embraced Mutual Aid Crowd Financing to help overcome economic strife during COVID-19.

Detroit Street Filling Station is a vegan eatery in Kerrytown in Ann Arbor, Michigan, US. The owner, Phillis Engelbert, has several brick and mortar locations in Ann Arbor which have been negatively impacted by the waning local economy. Englebert has used business ingenuity and Commons practices to restructure her business model and to help her local community.

Englebert has also created a ‘living document‘ in which she records her ongoing personal/professional journal. In this document she discusses the steps she has taken, the obstacles she has overcome, and details her process. This document is updated often by Englebert, and continues to relay her successes and struggles in dealing with COVID-19 economic impact.

Interview with Phyllis Engelbert

Read Englebert’s Exploration of Mutual Aid Crowd Financing in Ann Arbor, Michigan, US

See the full blog post on NeighborSquad.

Mutual Aid Crowd Funding relies on donations, business participation, and community involvement to create a give and receive system to distribute local resources. Finally, this exemplary Ann Arbor establishment has created their own alternative exchange system. This is something the Ann Arbor Community Commons hopes can be scaled to help even more people. This seemingly simple exchange is an example of Token Economics on a small scale.

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