The Ann Arbor Community Commons aims to use total transparency regarding funding to create a “Community Currency” which will best serve its members and build a stronger, more sustainable, resilient economy in Ann Arbor.  

This commoning practice is still in review and formation, and we encourage the Citizens of the Commons to participate in the discussion and make your voices heard as we discuss How a Commoning Medium of Exchange or ‘Local Currency’ can Benefit Ann Arbor as it has in so many other commons-driven cities.

One of the core beliefs in Commoning is the sharing of resources among the commoners to create mutual benefits for everyone involved. Let’s begin our journey to self-reliance and mutual benefit and respect by investing in our own success. Donate to support the Ann Arbor Community Commons today.

The Initiating Committee will initiate a GoFundMe or comparable kick starter crowd funding fundraising campaign.

Commons Funding to Date

Commons Currency Account:

Income: 0.00

Expenses: 0.00

Obligations: 0.00

Other Gifts/Assets Received

  • Pray Flag Banner (20ft long, sky air, fire, water, earth, harmony depicted)
  • Books (Donated in support of the Commons Educational Efforts)
  • Archives from Community Commons Petition and Campaign Work (8 boxes)
  • Portfolio of Drawings and Images from Community Coommons Advocacy
  • 10 priceless prizes for fundraising campaigns
  • Haskell Rothstein Memorial Chess Table (via pledge from Public Citizens of Washtenaw, $300)
  • Pledge from Imagine Warming Centers ($36)

Pledges of other “Common Good” value are welcome.

Ann Arbor City Center of the City Commons Account Balance

(carry over from Task Force Allocation; administered by the City Administrator for the Ann Arbor Center of the City “Commons Account”)

The City of Ann Arbor has gifted the Ann Arbor Community Commons Project with an initial Task Force Allocation which has been applied towards our Commons Goals so far.

       Taskforce allocation: $50,000

       Taskforce expended: $8,500

       Carryover credit:   $41,500    

Library Green Conservancy is acting as the 501c3 fiscal agent for the Ann Arbor Community Commons.

Library Green Conservancy Account Balance: $12,000.00

Library Green Conservancy Accounts Payable: $0.00

The Initiating Committee will seek Foundation and Grant funding for special needs as they develop. Potentially Including:

  • Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation
  • Ann Arbor City Sustainability and Innovation Department

The Initiating Committee will also project the development of an Endowment Fund and Capital Fund for long term Community Commons development and on-site operations.

Community Local Medium of Value Exchange – including a local currency can be defined and maintained by the Commoners who are working together. To be successful, we must break away from reliance on the national political currency and other exchange mechanisms controlled by Wall, and and focus on building an exchange system which meets our community needs to circulate and grow community resources locally using our community resources.

To add to the discussion, visit the Commons Currency Discussion Forum and tell us what you think.

Donations are welcome and appreciated.