Circular Economy

Local business and our community commons

A few years ago, when I was still living in Brooklyn, my wife and I created a basic website for BK Green Cart. As we think about how to reinvent downtown Ann Arbor, what are new and better ways that you can think of to make improvements? More importantly, what are new ways that we can interact with each other, especially when some of us have downtime in our businesses because of the pandemic? When I offered to build this website for my friend Greg, we decided not to charge him, but if he becomes successful, then we should receive a modest revenue stream for our work and continued site maintenance and hosting.

Here is their Mission

BKgreencart was founded by Greg Todd and Frederick Phillips in 2018 to provide a much needed service to service to retailers in North Central Brooklyn: a bike carting and composting service.  As we know, the effects of climate change are no longer disputable and increasingly dire. By offering a carting service that replaces large 20,000 plus pound packer trucks with small bike carts, we are providing local retailers an opportunity to decrease their carbon footprint while also decreasing congestion on local streets and adding to the amount of compost available in their communities.  

Greg Todd

Until we have a physical space where we can gather and brainstorm about these sorts of ideas, let us know how this website is working for you and please make suggestions for improvements.

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