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Take Control of Messages With Group Settings

Group members and admin’s each have their own settings they may control. In our website a group can be a collection of people in a given committee or a group that simply shares a common interest. You can completely avoid email and communicate with others, while not revealing your email address to other members. You can leave a group or simply unsubscribe at any time. And now, we are also supporting video conferencing.

Choose how you get Group messages

When you’re in a Group click the tab for “Email Options” and choose from these choices: no email, weekly summary email, daily digest email, new topics email or all email.

Change Group Subscription Type in a list

When you click Groups in the main menu you will see a list as follows. You can separately change how are you receive messages from each group without having to drill down.

Group Admins can message all its members

Admins have extra controls in their menus. After clicking on the Manage tab, a sub menu reveals a number of things that can be managed. In this case, clicking “Email Options” in the sub menu enables the Admin to send an email notice to everyone in the group.

Each Group’s Admin controls its settings

When creating a Group, the admin has a number of choices for settings.

Admins can set up video meetings

Our site integrates with Jitsi, an encrypted free open source video conferencing tool.

Select the tab for BuddyMeet and then from the sub menu click Meet the Group.

A black area appears for the location of the video. Click the blue link for “here.”

Now, ignore the ads and click the blue button to start meeting.

Now click the blue button to join meeting.

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