Ann Arbor Community Commons Resources

Ann Arbor’s Community Commons is a growing social enterprise and we are happy to share our resources. When you’re done reading, head on over to the discussion boards to engage in the conversation with fellow commoners.

Center of the City Task Force

Read about the resolution and the progress of the task force which conducted the community research to help establish and launch the Center of the City Commons.

2020 Center of the City Task Force Final Report

Check out the Center of the City Task Force’s summary report offering recommendations on the next steps for the public space on the Library Block, and the development of a Civic Center Commons. 

Additional Resources

Commoning Resources are plentiful and we have attempted to assemble some resources for various topics to acquaint Ann Arbor Residents with the Commoning Movement, and how it could grow in Ann Arbor.

Education Resources

Understanding and educating ourselves and others on what the Commons is and how it can serve the community is important to growth of the Ann Arbor Commons. To begin this process, a ‘reading room’ of books donated by local Commoners has been assembled and is available to the public.