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Co-Cities and Commons Around the Globe

Co-Cities and Commons and Ann Arbor

‘Co-Cities’ who practice Commoning is a growing endeavor in major cities around the world. Many cities have developed their own unique systems that use their local resources for the good of the local citizens. Over the years, these successful cities have connected their Commons to share information and experience, and to welcome new cities who are seeking to join the network and create their own Commons.

Ann Arbor as an International Co-City

Starting a Commons in Ann Arbor might seem like a big task, but there is a network of fellow Commoning Cities ready to welcome Ann Arbor!

Co-Cities around the globe have conquered many of the problems facing Ann Arbor Citizens today. From homelessness, to energy conservation, to creating a commons exchange system, there are teachers and partners who can help explain how to tackle the problems, and give advice on how their own systems could help Ann Arbor.

With the help of experienced Commons from around the Globe, Ann Arbor has access to individuals and organizations who can help create a successful Center of the City Commons.

With the input of our local Commons Citizens, and the knowledge of world wide partners and support, Ann Arbor could grow to become an International Co-City as well! What begins as a local civic center and urban garden can grow through community involvement to be an exemplary system of local support, shared responsibility and governance among citizens, and mutual benefit and respect for all Commons members and equals.

Co-Cities Resources

If you would like to know more about Co-Cities, and to help Ann Arbor identify its own potential, you can start your own Commons Connections with these resources.

The Co-Cities Project

“The Co-Cities project investigates those new forms of collaborative city-making that are leading urban areas towards new forms of participatory urban governance, inclusive economic growth and social innovation.”

Earth Day International Network

Co-Cities all around the globe are working to correct environmental problems that affect their citizens. The Earth Day Organization collaborates with Commons and Communities to inform, share ideas, and celebrate Community Involvement as they tackle local issues.

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  1. I heard that Amsterdam has adopted the “doughnut economy” framework as the new model for organizing its municipal administration and budget. This seems like a big deal… leaving Adam Smith behind. What is the doughnut economy and what is Amsterdam doing? Is it relevant to Ann Arbor?

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