• Indigenous communities: DIY Internet
    The infrastructure of the Internet should not be owned by a few companies. For thousands of years, Commoning principles have enabled communities to share water from a stream. As we are now streaming educational services to children via the Internet, shouldn’t we learn how to better share that stream? There are many examples like the article linked below, where Indigenous communities simply took control . . .
  • Public Knowledge 20th anniversary video
    Defending the virtual Commons: This nonprofit has been fighting legal policy battles in the public interest for 20 years. This video will introduce you to the founders. Public Knowledge promotes freedom of expression, an open internet, and access to affordable communications tools and creative works. To kick off our 20th year, join the founders of…
  • Take Control of Messages With Group Settings
    Group members and admin’s each have their own settings they may control. In our website a group can be a collection of people in a given committee or a group that simply shares a common interest. You can completely avoid email and communicate with others, while not revealing your email address to other members. You…


Imagine a space where everything is shared.

A self-organized system by which communities manage resources (both depletable and replenishable) with minimal or no reliance on the Market or State.

David Bollier