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Earth Days on the new Ann Arbor Community Commons


Sponsors – Megiddo Peace Project and Ann Arbor Community Commons Initiating Committee
Participants – Anyone interested in the Center of the City Commons and Park and wishing to support it. 


The Library Lane Parking area with is now the Commons 5the ave and Library Lane (next to the Dowtown Libary).


Four days claiming and interacting on our new downtown Ann Arbor Commons Park.


Late morning through early evening April 22, 23, 24, 25. 


Properly physically distanced conversations and encounters. Some special unannounced spontaneous events.  

Tables and chairs will be there as will a Decadome “Ranger Station” with bulletin board and information. Alan Haber and others from the Ann Arbor Community Commons Initiating Committee will be there intermittently to meet, greet and have conversations with fellow “Commoners” about our Ann Arbor Commoning Future and the Future of the space. 


The Commons space will be open, on the Library Lane Parking Lot free of cars. beginning the end of the parking, beginning the beginning of the park.

The raging virus and cascading calls for caution have recast the original plan from the advertised…

“The Green Brick Road to Restoring the Earth, 7th annual Earth Day Downtowb=n Megiddo Peace Project. A range of Washtenaw County climate oriented organizations show and discuss their work to mitigate climate change from instruments that purify water and trap solar energy to educational materials that promote conversation. masks detired”

We began on in February to seed a “community conversation” on climate calamities. and needed policy adaptations. The Green Brick Road was getting paving bricks from Extinction Rebellion, Sunrise,, TreeLine, Citizens Climate Lobby, Sierra Club, Appropriate Technology Collaborative, A2Zero, Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, Washtenaw Reds,, and the Commons committee, itself.

Then wisdom said, save the Road until travel is safer. Open is good enough. Un-schedule any special event gatherings, Let the people’s Assembly be on the Web site. Follow your heart when would be a good time to come by.

There will be some chairs and little tables to sit around and talk. or read some information There will be a place to write ideas and look at pictures, think about what could be. and how a person could partner themself into the process. ..from restoring the earth to reclaiming the commons.
Masks are still required.

We will open a little office, and information point…the return of the DecaDome, the 10 sided bulletin board idea pod that was out on the Library Lane Lot and on Liberty Plaza during the Task Force time.

Instead of the Green Brick Road and a “Road Crew” looking after the exhibits, we will have “Park Rangers” in the park, with eyes open and readiness to help and be friendly. The Decadome will be the “Park Rangers’ office” and the Embassy, for Ambassadors of the Commons,

Anyone who wants to help, please come to the commons, sometime in the 5 days. add your facet of the fly’s eye vision of what might be.
be a Ranger. be an Ambassador, be yourself, bring a friend.

Add your presence in the web. Please add your profile.
Any questions on Earth Days, call Alan Haber 734 657 8083

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